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Views From The Top, The Business Times (21 October 2019)

the business times, views from the top

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2019 SMEICC Exhibition

Come meet us at SMEICC, Suntec Convention Center, booth D18. We, together with our client, Axon Active Vietnam are open for business.

CRIF acquires BizInsights, a world-leading business information provider operating in Singapore

Axon Active Event in Singapore

Custom Offshore Software Development: Why it’s Needed and How to Make it Work

Reciprocus and Axon Active hosted an afternoon talk to address some of the emerging concerns of the tech and broader business community in Singapore on 16 May 2019.

Click here for the highlights of the talk. 


Finquest, the first AI-driven data system catered at private company information is seeking intial USD 2M equity stake for oprational ramp-up.
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